Meet the new members of our nanodisc family:

mouse membrane scaffold proteins and nanodiscs.



Our product groups:

Active, pure human GPCRs

Cell-free lysates for protein expression

Membrane protein stabilization

Combine vapor diffusion & lipidic cubic phase

High-quality protein purification matrices
specific resins for special applications
For protein purification from dilute samples & automation
For sensitive detection of recombinant proteins
For protein purification on chroma-tography workstations
For protein purifications using a centrifuge
Ultrapure detergents for membrane protein work

High-quality buffers & media easily prepared

Accessories for protein work

Who we are & what we do

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We provide dedicated services and products for membrane protein applications that facilitate structure-based drug design, including expression, purification, and crystallization.

To ensure the highest quality in our service offering, we produce our own consumables, which we offer to the research community accompanied by dedicated protocols and handbooks, as well as tips & tricks for success.

As a small, flexible company, we address our customers' needs for standard and customized products at almost any scale.


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Keeping Tabs on Polyhistidine Tags

Attitudes toward Affinity Purification Range from a Desire to Move beyond Old Specificity/Yield Trade-Offs to a Willingness to Explore New Polyhistidine Technology Spin-Offs


by Angelo DePalma, PhD
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